How to Clean and Maintain Your Makeup Brushes

Many people use brushes daily but do not give much importance to the hygiene of the applicators or brushes. Makeup brushes that aren’t clean can seriously harm the skin. This can lead to the formation of many different bacteria, which directly affect your skin. This could jeopardize both your health and your complexion, causing rashes and breakouts of acne. 

Unclean cosmetic brushes have the potential to spread potentially fatal infections like E. coli or fungal infections. It is recommended to wash the brushes every seven to ten days. This will help you protect your skin and eradicate any potentially harmful bacteria.

Important Ways To Clean And Maintain Your Makeup Brushes:

First of all, it is crucial to give as much importance to the applicators and brushes as you give to your makeup products. Buy premium-quality brushes from a reliable and well-known makeup brush manufacturer. This way, you will be able to protect your skin from any damage.

Regular cleaning frequency:

Regular cleaning of brushes ensures that you don’t allow bacteria to settle on the brushes’ surface. If you use your brushes every day, clean them at least once a week. It is advisable to clean brushes that are used with liquid or cream preparations after each usage. As it stays for a longer duration on the brush hair. 

Rinse the brushes in lukewarm water to prevent the glue holding the bristles from becoming weaker. Also, lukewarm water cleans the brushes in a better way. 

The Cleaning Procedure:

First, you need to hold the brush thoroughly under the running water. This way, you will first remove the makeup easily. Hold the brush so that the tips point downward, and run some lukewarm water over it to wet the bristles.

Apply Cleanser: After you have rinsed it properly, use a mild cleanser first. Give the bristles a tiny dab of soap or cleanser. If you are going for your weekly deep cleansing, then go for antibacterial soap. As it guarantees the removal of all bacteria and product accumulation.

Rinse Well: Run lukewarm water over the bristles until the water flows clear. To keep the adhesive from loosening, keep water out of the ferrule, the metal portion of the object.

Dry it out: Using a fresh towel, gently wring out any remaining water from the bristles. Be a little gentle while rubbing it on the towel. Lay the brush flat to dry, letting the bristles dangle over a counter edge.

Deep Cleaning Frequency: 

Give your brushes a thorough cleaning once a month, paying particular attention to those that are used with liquid makeup and foundation. If you use it quite frequently, then you can go for oil cleansing and deep cleaning methods.

Bottom line 

Using the right tools, applicators and makeup is very crucial to keeping your skin healthy and flawless. You must give a seperate time to the makeup brushes cleaning. This will help you to achieve flawless skin along with flawless looks. 

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