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In today’s modern era, everything is going digital. Most of the people’s work is going online. People are running their whole business online. It can be said that today’s era is the ‘Online Era”. And in this online era proper communication methods have become really important. Chosenviber stand out in current market due to the communication solution it provides to its customers. Let’s delve deeper into the features and qualities that users get from 

What is is an all in one solution for communication related problems for the current era. It provides a platform for people to communicate. It provides features like video call, voice calls, group chats etc. It has become very popular among users. It also provides users with a safe platform to communicate as it guarantees secure connection. It is considered to be very user friendly. Its users are also increasing day by day.

User-Friendly Interface

One of the major reasons for the success of any website is its user-interface. The more confusing the user interface the less users the site will have. But one of the main reasons for chosenviber popularity is its user-friendly interface. It has a very minimalist design which attracts its users. It provides users with a friendly environment that has a very easy to navigate interface. The site developers made the user experience their top priority. They provided the users with a clean layout.

Options On

There are 4 options on Chosenviber for users to gather knowledge from. Let’s know about these 4 options:


The website has an option named ‘competition’ which helps us to know about the latest competition in the field of architecture. It is very easy to navigate and full of information. 


As the name suggests, the option ‘inspiration’ has material related to architecture from which people can take inspiration. It contains articles and ideas related to architecture. You can visit through these articles to draw your inspiration.

For Manufactures 

.This section is for the manufactures to know about any latest developments and advancements in the field of architecture. It also covers different products related to architecture. 

Product Guides

.Product guide is a really helpful tool in the field of architecture. It’s like a guidebook for anyone in the field of architecture. It provides users with infographics to gather information. 

Navigation Process Of


If you are new visitor to Chosenviber, here is a guide on how to navigate through Chosen viber seamlessly: 

Step 1: Open Browser

Firstly open the browser of your choice on your device. Make sure that you have a good internet connection.

Step 2: Open

As you open the browser, go to the search bar and search for “”. Check and open the official website.

Step 3: Surfing Through The Site

Once the site is opened, navigate through different categories and blogs. 

Step 4: Choose The Blog

As you are navigating the site choose the blog of your choice, click on it and read it. 

Features Of

Chosen is popular among its users for the features provided by the site. Here are list of features that provides to users:

Messaging Feature : has a really good messaging feature. It allows users to share images, text, videos and voice notes online. It also provides the feature of group chat. The group chat feature makes chosen viber useful for both professional and personal work. Users can also customize messages using emojis, stickers etc. 

Voice Call And Video Call : It also provides the feature of high quality voice calls and video calls. This is also a very popular feature of chosenviber among its users. 

Data Security : Users hesitate to use any new communication platform in the fear of data breach. But chosenviber made it their responsibility to solve this issue. They use an end-to-end data encryption process which helps in keeping the data of their users safe. 

Options For Customization : It provides a wide range of options for customizations. Users can create their own personalized avatars for their profile. It allows users to create a unique identity on the platform.

Wide-Range Of File Sharing Options : It provides a wide range of options for file sharing. You can share files of many different formats. For Example- images, videos, documents This is a really big help for people who use chosen viber for business purposes.

Account Integration : Chosenviber provides users with a wide range of options for account integration. Users are able to connect their social media accounts to Chosen viber. Users can also connect their account to cloud storage. 

Platform Accessibility : Chosen viber platform is accessible on smartphones, tablets and computers. This wide range of accessibility helps users to work anywhere they want. 

Good Customer Support : One of the major problems that any user faces from the platform is their customer support service. But chosenviber solves this issue. They have an excellent team for customer support. The customer service at Chosen viber provide instant feedback to its customers. Premium Version

Many users don’t know this, but It has both paid and free versions. Paid version rates depend on the user’s needs. If you have a paid version of Chosenviber your daily file sharing limit increases and your data safety and security also increase. To know more about the plans check the official website. 

Using For Educational Purposes

Many educational institutions also use chosen viber to communicate with their students and teachers. They also use it to perform virtual classes. The friendly user interface of the platform helps people of all age groups to easily navigate through the platform. 


With the development in technology, users and finding better ways of communication. is a solution for today’s generation communication problem. Its user-friendly interface, chatting feature, calling feature and other benefits discussed above help it to stand out among its users. And the platform promises its users that it will develop with the development in the technology and stay up-to-date with the latest technology. 

FAQs About

Q1. What type of platform is

Ans: is a platform which provides communication options to its users.

Q2. What type of interface does have?

Ans: has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy for users to navigate through the platform. The interface makes it easier for people of all age groups to navigate through the platform. 

Q3. What type of security does Chosenviber provides?

Ans: Users data security is a big concern for Chosenviber therefore they provide users with end-to-end data encryption which provides safety to users data. 

Q4. On which devices can you use

Ans: You can use on your phone, computer, laptop and tablets.

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