When Did Surfing Become An Olympic Sport?

When did surfing become an Olympic sport? Surfing is a sport that’s been around for over 5,000 years. However, it wasn’t until 2020 that it was added to the Olympic games.

In August 2016, the International Olympic Committee announced that surfing would be added as an event in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee officially announced that surfing would be added as an event in the 2020 Summer Olympics. In August 2016, the IOC approved a recommendation from its executive board that surfing be added to the competition.

Surfing will join skateboarding and sport climbing as new sports on the 2020 program. The announcement was made at a meeting of the IOC in Rio de Janeiro by Thomas Bach, president of the organization.

The decision was made after years of lobbying by surfers around the globe and comes less than two years before Tokyo hosts its first Olympics since 1964. It also marks a rare reversal for the IOC, which has resisted extending its reach beyond summer and winter sports despite pleas from other potential candidates such as squash, bridge and karate-do


In 2020, surfing was  included as an Olympic sport for the first time.

Surfing is an Olympic sport today

Surfing is an Olympic sport today. It was added to the 2020 Olympics, and it’s popular in many countries. It’s also a new sport. Here’s how it all happened:

Surfing is an ancient form of water transportation that originated in Polynesia over 2500 years ago.

The first documented surfing competition was held in California, the USA in 1885 at Corona Del Mar which hosted eight surfers from Hawaii and Australia who competed for $25 worth of prizes including a gallon of whiskey. The winner was Makua Rothman from Honolulu who won $10 plus his whiskey prize after he completed a 300 yard ride on his board over the breakers at Waikiki Beach where he lived with his brother Duke Kahanamoku (a famous swimmer who swam across San Francisco Bay).

Surfing is a sport that provides a feeling of freedom and has a positive impact on your health. 

Surfing, enjoyed by people from all walks of life, is one of the most popular sports globally. It can be done at any age and ability level, offering a unique sense of freedom. Studies show that surfing reduces stress levels by up to 68%, a significant benefit for those looking to alleviate anxiety or depression symptoms. For more ways to enhance your lifestyle, check out Mixx.

Surfing is an ever-evolving sport that offers participants a sense of inner peace, energy and joy.

If you’re a surfer, you can do it as long as you want. You don’t need to be young and strong to surf. You just need to have a passion for the sport, as well as the willingness to learn and some of the best equipment money can buy. Once you start surfing regularly, there will be no stopping you!

Surfing is an ever-evolving sport that offers participants a sense of inner peace, energy and joy. Surfing has been around since ancient times but it only became popular in Hawaii in the 1960s. Because surfers from California brought their boards with them on holiday trips. Today there are more than 30 million people worldwide who call themselves “surfers”; this number is expected to grow exponentially over time. Due largely in part thanks to technology improvements like high-tech wetsuits which allow surfers better access

Surfing attracts people of all ages.

Surfing is a sport that people of all ages, shapes and sizes can enjoy. It’s one of the few sports that anyone can do regardless of gender or ability. Surfing has a very inclusive culture, which makes it an attractive option for people looking for something different to do.

Surfing encourages you to travel to some amazing new places.

It is a great way to travel. It gives you the opportunity to experience new cultures and meet lots of people from all over the world. While also giving you fascinating insights into other cultures around the globe.

It’s no wonder that surfing has become one of the most popular sports in history!


Surfing is an amazing sport that has a positive impact on your health, can be enjoyed by people of all ages and takes you to some truly inspiring places. If you want to try surfing but don’t know where to start, this article should give you some ideas!