Snapchat Planets Review: Guide to Gen Z Friendship Hierarchy

Snapchat Planets Review

Snapchat Planets Review – Social media is always changing. Among Gen Zers, Snapchat is a supernova. But, with its latest feature, Snapchat Planet has taken friendship hierarchy to cosmic heights. The feature is called Planets. Get ready to embark on a cosmic adventure like no other!

Snapchat Planets Overview Table:

PlanetFriendship RankRepresentation
Mercury#1 Best FriendRed planet with 5 red hearts
Venus#2 Best FriendLight brown planet with colorful hearts
Earth#3 Best FriendEarth-like with moon, stars, red hearts
Mars#4 Best FriendRed planet with purple & blue hearts
Jupiter#5 Best FriendReddish-orange with dark orange strips
Saturn#6 Best FriendOrange planet with rings and stars
Uranus#7 Best FriendGreen planet with no hearts
Neptune#8 Best FriendDesolate blue planet, no love here

The Friend Solar System: You’re the Sun!

Imagine a world where you’re the center of your own solar system. Your closest friends orbit around you like planets. Here on Snapchat Planets Review, this is what happens to our planet and its people. By subscribing to Snapchat Plus, you become the Sun. Your family becomes the seven planets around you. They are at different distances from the Sun.

Forget Asimov and those sci-fi movies. I give you the class structure from an out-of-this-world tv show. It has a twist full of Gen Z energy. You can’t help but laugh. And, is there a better option to measure you best friends at their level of influence on the celestial world?

Mercury: Your Ride-or-Die BFF

Mercury Your Ride-or-Die BFF

In your friendships universe, the Mercury acts as a center point. This is the planet symbolizing your absolute best friend. This is the person you have the longest chain of streaks with. The one who already knows all your secrets. And the one who you can confidentially disclose to all your problems – without feeling afraid. That anybody would judge or repel you.

Mercury is a red planet having five red hearts orbiting it. Because when best friend is in concern. It is the red promethean fire which will burn stronger and more intense. Just like the actual Mercury, this friend will never abandon. And it will always tell the truth and will themselves be safe in the pull of your friendship.

Venus: The Cosmic Form of the Love

Ah, especially Venus – the planet of love and beauty. Just as Venus is the half-sister of the sun in your Snapchat solar system. The second of moon-color agents to your right. She symbolizes the friend who always adds warmth, color and liveliness into your life.

Presented as a light brown planet kissed by pink, yellow, and blue hearts. This friend is the physical expression of my happiness, fulfillment, and joy. It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about inside jokes. Or exchanging ideas on fashion and new trends, this is the person who makes your life a bit more enjoyable. That is, adding a little extra sparkle into your universe.

Earth: Your Grounding Force

Your third Snapchat Planets Review in snap order is your virtual version. It is of a person who later becomes your best friend in the most real way. The Earth in the artwork accentuates the usual depiction of the planet as blue and green. Complete with a moon, stars, and red hearts for added flair.

This friend is the one you can count on to keep you grounded when you feel like you’re drifting off into space. They’re the rock in your life, the person who reminds you of your roots. And helps you stay connected to the things that truly matter.

Mars: Your Fiery Fourth Friend

As the fourth planet in your Snapchat solar system – Mars. It represents your fourth-closest friend. The one who brings a touch of passion and intensity to your friendship circle.

Depicted as a red planet with purple and blue hearts swirling around it. Mars is a visual representation of the fiery energy this friend brings to your life. Whether you’re engaging in heated debates or embarking on spontaneous adventures. This pal is always ready to ignite your sense of excitement.

Jupiter: Your Cosmic Confidant

In the grand scheme of your Snapchat solar system – Jupiter. It represents your fifth-closest friend – the one who is larger than life. It always ready to offer guidance and support.

Depicted as a reddish-orange planet with dark orange strips. And stars revolving around it.  Jupiter is a celestial force to be reckoned with. This friend is the one you turn to for advice. The one who offers a cosmic perspective on your problems. And the one who reminds you to dream big and reach for the stars.

Saturn: Your Ringed Rebel

As the sixth planet in your friendship cosmos, Saturn. It represents the friend who marches to the beat of their own drum. Depicted as an orange planet with rings and stars. This pal is the one who keeps things interesting. Always pushing the boundaries and challenging you to step out of your comfort zone.

Whether you’re exploring new hobbies or trying out daring fashion choices. Saturn is the friend who encourages you. To embrace your unique quirks and celebrate your individuality.

Uranus: Your Eccentric Eighth Friend

Ah, Uranus – the green planet with no hearts. In your Snapchat Planets Review solar system, this body is the symbol of the seventh friend from your list. And this person is the most unconventional one in your peers. It is who keeps you guessing with the eclectic ways and non-conventional personality.

Although somehow the Uranus is the least involved friend. From your whole group of friends, most of all, this is a friend who can really make you laugh with fun songs. They are the person who shares with you little-known bands. go on wild trips where the destination is not even on the map. And makes the day super bright with their one-of-a-kind wit.

Neptune: Your Ninth Distant Friend

The last, but by no means least, is our Neptune. The frosty blue planet that sits on the ninth place on your Snapchat – participate. Although the person could be most likely cold and distant sometimes. They still occupy the very bottom and surprisingly important place in your friendship universe.

Similarly to the real Neptune, this friend´s inner world is covered with a veil of continual surprise. So that their true intension may not always be very distinct. On the top of that, however far removed those connections are from yours. They still become a part of your social microcosm and illustrate. That you can find meaning and value even in the most superficial relationships.


However, the Snapchat Planets Review app has extended this sort of friend group systems to an entirely new level, one with its head in the space. Yet never worry, the visitor, because this isn’t a shallow popularity contest you are just going to cry out. Instead of it being boring and predictable, it’s a fun. And innovative way to strengthen the important bonds you have with the people closest to you.

Be you the Sun enjoying the light of your neighboring planets. Or you are Mercury and aspire to complete your best friend. By turning each parallel walk to a forever friend theme. Now you become a witness of your friendship to the Snapchat. And it is proof of the power of friendship and the joys of expression.

Faqs About Snapchat Planets Review

Q1. What is the Snapchat Planets feature?

Ans: It assigns planets to your top 8 best friends on Snapchat based on your interaction/closeness with them.

Q2. How do I access the Planets feature? 

Ans: You need to subscribe to Snapchat Plus to see which planet you are in your friends’ solar systems.

Q3. What does being Mercury mean?

Ans: Mercury represents your #1 best friend – the person you share the most snaps/streaks with.

Q4. Do the planet icons have meanings?

Ans: Yes, each planet is represented by a unique icon/emoji that indicates your friendship ranking.

Q5. Can my planet ranking change?

Ans: Yes, your assigned planet can change based on how your interaction levels with different friends fluctuate over time.

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